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Share your world and find new dive sites and stores with BLU

From mobile through desktop, the world of diving just became a lot more connected. Discover more, share more, dive more.

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So who are we?

Offering the most comprehensive listing of dive sites found anywhere on or off-line, with content from dive stores worldwide, this next generation resource is attracting professional, experienced, novice and wanna-be divers from all corners of the globe.

From mobile through desktop, the world of diving just became a lot more connected. Powered by a massively scalable, highly secure, efficient peer-to-peer network, Blu allows divers to share their passion like never before.

Striving beyond our celebrated device-to-device messaging and ip multicasting technology, 3D interactive dive sites, 3D relational positioning and visual dive logs are but a taste of things to come.

Call toll-free for more information:  (844) 2-DIVEBLU

Get Invited!

Blu is available through invitation only – don’t worry – simply choose a store nearest you, or a store you already know.

We do not share your email address with your seletced dive store and they can only contact you in response to a question or when satisfying a service request.

Professional divers are the heart of Blu - a resource for divers by divers. As a novice, or soon to be novice, you should know that diving isn't any harder than snorkeling providing you don't form any bad habits right from the beginning. Local stores are there to share their passion and knowledge and that includes ecology, ocean awareneess and time in the swimming pool(!), which is why Blu encourages this relationship from the beginning.

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